Becoming A Nomad Family:

It Is Easier Than It Looks

Hi and welcome to The Coddiwomple Life! Many families just like yours are traveling the world as full-time nomads. Find out how you can become a nomad family and travel full-time around the world while making money.

Join as we share what we learn as we purposefully travel towards vague destinations as a nomadic family.

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Live the Coddiwomple Life

Coddiwompling is traveling purposefully towards an unknown destination. The word really sums up the nomad life. We're constantly traveling often with no idea where we'll be a few months down the road. It is exhilarating!

Discover Coddiwompling as we help your family become a nomads! Chase your dreams and give your kids an experience of a life-time.

Become nomads. Live your Dream.

Happy Coddiwompling, my friends!

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Nomad family with kids viewing a lake with a mountain in the background.

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Our journey to living our best life.

Life should be lived to its full potential. This is the only life we've been given and we believe we should maximize it's value. Join us as we live our life to its fullest!

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