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We're a normal family striving for a not so normal life. Follow us on our journey!

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Most people fail because they first fail to dream big. Dare to dream big.

Hi! We're Phillip, Bridgette, Hope, and Archer. We're ordinary people with extraordinary dreams and the audacity to make them real. We have a passion for travel and living our best life while we're still young. This blog chronicles our journey to become digital nomads and set sail around the world - literally. We're a long way from the finish line but we are past the start.

This is the journey of a normal family, living on a normal salary, with a normal life pursuing a dream of traveling the world. This is how we are becoming nomads and what we learned along the way. Come and join us on this adventure!

Phillip graduated from Texas A&M University with a Masters in Land and Property Development and is always thinking of some new business to start. He enjoys finance, investments, real estate, and photography. He currently is a real estate agent in Houston.

Bridgette graduated from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and is constantly psychologically evaluating Phillip - she has yet to determine why he is the way that he is. She enjoys cooking, dad jokes, and swimming (this is how Phillip convinced her to go sailing with him). She is currently an elementary teacher.

Hope is in fourth grade and is an inspiring artist. She enjoys spending her time drawing, writing, and reading non-fiction. You can constantly find her surrounded by paper - whether she is reading, writing, or drawing.

Archer is in first grade and enjoys all things science-related. He has officially surpassed our knowledge of outer space and dinosaurs. You can find him with his Legos always building something.

We all share a passion for sailing, travel, and leaving the world a better place.

Thanks for stopping by and being a part of our journey!

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Living as a liveaboard cruiser in a sailboat traveling the world is an amazing opportunity. By determining why we wanted to be nomads and travel the world we were able to determine sailing was the best method of travel for us. Sailing gives us the opportunity to travel the world with few limitations.

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How We Became Certain We Needed To Become A Nomadic Family

When running the rat race started taking a toll on our relationships we knew it was time for a change. We knew we loved traveling, but could we embrace the nomad lifestyle as a family? Here are four ways we knew for sure we needed to become a nomadic family.

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