How Buying a Home Helps Us Travel Full-Time
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How We Settled On The Amazing Lifestyle Of Full Time Sailing

Living as a liveaboard cruiser in a sailboat traveling the world is an amazing opportunity. By determining why we wanted to be nomads and travel the world we were able to determine sailing was the best method of travel for us. Sailing gives us the opportunity to travel the world with few limitations.

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How We Became Certain We Needed To Become A Nomadic Family

When running the rat race started taking a toll on our relationships we knew it was time for a change. We knew we loved traveling, but could we embrace the nomad lifestyle as a family? Here are four ways we knew for sure we needed to become a nomadic family.

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In 2020, we started planning to become a family of nomads. The thought never occurred to us that we could become nomads as a family. It didn't seem possible to us and we were certain it was out of our reach. How would we fund our adventures and still support a family? This is our plan and how we are making an income while traveling.

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