How We Became Certain We Needed To Become A Nomadic Family

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So we're going to be nomads. That's cool, but where on earth did this decision come from, you ask? That's a great question, and I'm glad you asked. I don't know.

I have an idea where it came from, but to be honest, the desire to travel and always moving has always been with us. There was never a time that we did not want it. We got married with the intent of working overseas in remote countries. That didn't pan out at the time but that desire never left.

How did we know a nomad lifestyle was for us? That question is a little easier to answer. 

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We're Constantly Craving Adventure

Even before we finish traveling, we start planning our next trip and looking for new places to travel. Sure, we're quite happy and content with where we are traveling at the moment but that's the reason we start thinking about the next trip - we don't want our travels to end.

Even when Christmas or a birthday rolls around, you can forget the gift-giving in this house - we go on a trip instead. Our kids are used to planning some adventure for Christmas or their birthday. Whether it is just a drive down to the beach or spending a week exploring a random city, they have come to look forward to those experiences.

Traveling is so much in our blood that by the time our daughter was 2-years old, she had been to two different countries and spent 4-months overseas - Kyrgyzstan and Honduras. We've always wanted to travel the world and we're moving mountains to make that happen.

It's because of these constant cravings to always be on the move that we began to realize our family was made to be nomads.

The kids posing for a picture in Hotel Phillips, Kansas City, MO.
Our most recent trip before Covid-19. Exploring Kansas City over Christmas 2019.

There's So Much More To Life Than A Cubical

Working 7-5 for 5-days a week sitting at a desk in a freezing cold office is depressing. It is tantamount to torture. I do not recommend it to anyone. Even if that office has a great view the sedentary nature of stationary work is enough to break anyone.

After doing that for 4-years, becoming more depressed by the day, we decided it was time for a change. Our marriage was starting to become strained - indeed there were times we considered divorce, all because of a lousy job!

We realized this wasn't cutting it for us. There was more to life than just a job so the kids could have food on the table (a noble goal in and of itself, no doubt) but our family needed more. We needed to go back to what brought us together in the first place - we needed to work towards our goal of becoming nomads. We need to invest in us not someone else's pocketbook.

It is when we travel that as a family we become closer and bond together. But when we're stuck in one spot doing the same thing every day for years on end it starts to wear on our relationship. This was a no-brainer for us, and probably one of the easiest ways we knew we wanted to live a nomadic lifestyle.

Giving The Kids A Childhood They'll Remember

And on the note of investing in family, we want our kids to enjoy their childhood. My (Phillip) childhood wasn't the greatest and to be honest, I've shut most of it out and forgotten it. We want our kids to not only enjoy their childhood but remember the great times they had as they grow old. 

But beyond that, traveling opens the mind. We have always wanted our kids to have experiences that they couldn't get in our home town. We want them to experience the world and different cultures so when they are adults their worldview isn't shaped by one perspective. 

Because we have kids was one of the reasons we decided to become nomads. How our kids are raised is important to us. What they experience when they are young has a direct effect on their personal development as they grow. We want their childhood to be a positive experience. 

Our family walking through Savannah, GA. in the summer of 2019.
Going book shopping in Savannah, GA last summer over the Fourth of July (2019).

We're Not Getting Any Younger

A few years ago, Phillip's health deteriorated without any clear reason as to why. The doctors didn't know what the issue was - they still don't. But after some experimenting, we've found that as long as he goes gluten-free things are mostly normal. (No, he's not dying, in case you were concerned, the issue isn't life-threatening unless it persists.)

It was this experience that really hit home that we're not getting any younger and there's no guarantee we'll be around to or healthy enough to enjoy retirement. If we wanted to travel we would have to become nomads in the next couple of years if we really wanted to enjoy it.

At first, we considered retiring early, but after thinking about it we felt working remotely was the better option that would get us sailing faster. Retiring early would take a minimum of ten years before we would be at a point to support our travels and not work. Remote work was the obvious solution to start traveling sooner and that was the course of action we decided was best for our family.

These reasons are what led us to become a nomadic family. We are positive this is the lifestyle for us and we couldn't be happier pursuing that goal. Hopefully, our experience will help you determine if you too need to be a nomad. There is so much more than what is in your backyard, even if you're not cut out to be a nomad, go and travel - see what this world has to offer. We're not quite there yet but we are moving in that direction. 

Join us as we share our experiences in our journey to becoming nomads!

Until next time, Happy Coddiwompling!

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